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  • *Domain Name
    If you do not have a domain name you can check out the availability of a website name and also the costs of registration using This Link. If you require, we will purchase a domain name for you at no extra cost. You will be the owner of the domain at all times.
  • **Page Updating
    A certain amount to free page updating and general website maintenance is included in the monthly fee.

    For the Portfolio Starter package, 2 hours of free page updating and general website maintenance are provided per month.

    The time allocated for the Small and Medium Enterprise packages is equal to 1/4 hour per website page, i.e. a 20 page website entitles you to a total of 5 hours of free website updating and maintenance per month.

    Further updating or the addition of extra pages for the Small or Medium Enterprise packages will be charged at £30/hour.

    We will discuss and agree the costs with you before starting any website maintenance or page additions. As a rule, the addition of a new web page would take approximately one hour.

    We can also provide a Content Management System (CMS) to your website. In order to do this, we will add sections in your webpages that allow you to edit text and pictures directly from a web browser. The cost of setting up your website with a CMS system is a one time charge of £30/webpage.

    As with the domain name, all content on the website belongs solely to you!
  • ***Shopping Cart
    CartLoom is a 3rd-party service we use for e-commerce. They, along with PayPal, process Credit Card and PayPal orders and deliver digital goods once the transaction has completed. They’re a fabulous company and offer services for both e-commerce as well as physical goods. Be sure to check out the CartLoom Pricing if you’re in need of a shopping cart solution for your site.
  • ***Search Engine Optimisation
    For SEO we choose to employ the services of Sheer Software, which are available to you in a variety of packages. If you are not familiar with SEO terminology, please don't worry as we can explain in plain English what is required for you to keep your website up in the search engine rankings.

    The SEO analysis can provide the following:

    Page Optimisation
    • Compares your page to other pages that rank on first page for a main keyword that you are using in your website.

    Rank Tracking
    • Tracks your keywords in all major search engines.
    • Checks your progress and see accompanying data per each keyword like: search volume, visits, impressions, change since last week.
    • Views historical data in clear graphs.
    • Compares how you fare against competition.
    • Exports this data to PDF or Excel.

    Backlinks Management
    • Explores the main backlinks of your site and of your competitors' sites.
    • Guards your main backlinks and get alert once one of them drops/changes.
    • Creates new backlinks from relevant bloggers & web directories.

    Social Tracking
    • Tracks your website's appearance in FaceBook and Twitter.

    • Reports can be mailed to you automatically. We will also help you understand what the reports mean. Based on the results we will discuss with you what is required in order to keep your website up in the rankings.

    You can choose the package from the Sheer website that suits your needs and we will then add the cost of the package to your monthly bill.