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So you are finally ready to take the big step: It’s time to get a website for your small business, project or portfolio, or to get a major refresh of your old site. Now what? You know that you need this built for you as you don’t have time to become a self-taught website designer. But that’s just the first of many issues. For instance, what do you want to have done? How much will it cost? How can you tell if the website designer is good or not? What about online website builders? They’re all really good questions. Here’s how I can answer them:

What do you want to have done?
Knowing the scope of the work will help you figure out what a realistic budget should be. For instance, if you’re a very small local business, you may only need a five-page website. These basic pages might be enough:

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Our services and pricing
  • Testimonials page
  • Contact us
Or maybe you already have a basic site like that, but it’s old and not mobile-friendly. Say you want to add a simple blog, a couple more product pages, and give the whole thing a new look.

Whatever you want for your business website, write it down. Think about it for a bit. Ask your employees or your peers what they think about your site. Or even better – ask a few of your customers what they think of your website.

From all that input, write a short list of must-do, must-have things. Be really specific about what you want done. Write it all down. You’re basically writing out what you want a designer to do for you.

To assure your success even more, spend an hour or two looking through websites that are similar to yours or in a complementary niche. Make detailed notes about what you like about these sites. See a contact page you love? A typeface you want to use? Make a note of it and capture the link. You’ll be capturing concrete, actionable information for your design as you do this. It’ll cut down the time it takes to create your site. It’s also one of the best ways to ensure you end up with a site you’ll really like.
How much will it cost?
It is essential to clarify that the price offered is in line with your budget.

The hourly rate for a web designer can vary by a lot  - from as little as £10 per hour to over £70 per hour. Somewhere between £30 and £50 per hour is about average. That might be helpful information, but it doesn’t tell you the total cost of your new website. How do you know if you have five hours of work here, or fifty?

Just to give you the roughest of rough estimates….having someone design and build a simple five-page website would probably cost in the region of £600. Why that number? It’s £40 per hour, times three hours per page, times five pages. Again, that’s as really rough guess. A designer could also legitimately add another £200 to that £500, just for developing the overall design and for time spent coordinating with you.

Of course, many small business owners or individuals simply don’t have this kind of budget. If you need a site for £300 or less, it can be done. I charge a set price per page of £50 for websites of 2 or more pages rather than an hourly charge. For a single page scrolling website I charge £250.

I also provide additional services for hosting, website security (SSL) certificates, dedicated business (@yourbusiness.com) emails and website management with costs based on the amount of website pages. Payment for additional services is available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Please view my pricing structure.
What about online website builders such as Squarespace and Wix?
In my opinion, the two best online website builders that are available today are Squarespace and Wix. However, they are very different in their operation. Please read this review to understand the differences in how they work and their pricing structures. Note that all prices quoted in the review are in US dollars.

Either of these platforms may suit you needs but this really depends on the type of website that you require. The difference between the websites that I design and the two platform builders is in the extra functionality and complexity of each page that I can provide.

However, if you believe that either of these platforms would suit your needs, then why not let me take care of designing and setting up your website. I will construct the pages of your website after I clearly understand your business or personal needs and your design preferences.

I charge a design fee of £30 per page for either online website builder, i.e. a 5-page website in either platform built to meet your needs would cost £150. I can also teach you how to manage your website once it is online.

Typically, I provide a bespoke website design service to small and medium-sized businesses, projects and portfolios for individuals. The websites I have designed range in size from a single page to over 250 pages.

I regularly maintain clients' websites and provide full support for website management and updating. Please feel free to contact any of the website owners shown in my portfolio for a reference.

If you are interested in having a new website or a re-design of your current website, please send me a message and let me know of your needs. If you are confused about what is involved in designing your website, feel free to ask for help. I will help you find the best solution. You can also let me know the type of help you require by filling in the help request form.

Call: +44 (0)29 2128 6822

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Clients Say...

  • Our website was constructed by Boray Designs and has been maintained and hosted by Boray perfectly during the past four years. Boray Designs met all of our requirements with ease. We used to pay Google Ads £500 per month for advertising campaigns but with Boray's help we were able to reduce this to £0 whilst also having an increasing web presence and moving up the web site rankings. Thank you Boray Designs for helping to take care of our business and for your dedication.

    Jennifer Ramsey
    - KISS Driving School, SouthEast England -

  • Talk about being helped! During a visit by Boray Designs, I was informed of what was required to improve my home business. I am not a computer literate person so I had no idea what to do. Boray Designs purchased me a website name, built me a website and put it on the internet for me - all in one day! I am so pleased with the website, which reflects my business perfectly. Thanks you so much for all of your help!

    Twinney Chapman
    - Holistic Therapist, South West Wales -

  • Boray Designs completely redesign our outdated website and brought it up to current standards. The new website was designed and constructed in a very short time frame and much to our satisfaction - both artistically and technically. We are now being supported on an ongoing basis by Boray Designs, and their response is invariably prompt.

    Dr. Jim Boggs
    - EffectiveArts LLC, Tucson, Arizona USA -

  • After renting out our beautiful 170 year old renovated cottage we finally decided that we would like to turn it into a holiday home. We contacted Boray Designs and in a very short timeframe our website was completed. I am delighted with the website which contains an on-line booking form for our guests but more importantly it displays our cottage at its best. Thank you.

    Louise Vaughan-Harries
    - Pembrokeshire, Wales -

  • Just wanted to let you know what a huge positive response I've had to the website! People have said the layout is fantastic and looks brilliant. Someone else said it looks very expensive! Job well done, I've sung your praises on FB and Twitter and will certainly pass your details on to anyone wanting work done.

    Adele Fowler
    - Optimum Body Sports Massage, Oxford -

  • I had been thinking of getting a website together to help me get gigs in clubs and pubs in South West Wales. I got more than expected and I didn't expect to have my music playing out from the website! Fantastic as people can actually hear my music now. Bookings are now coming in. Great job!

    Dai Wynn
    - Blues Artist, Pembrokeshire, Wales -

  • Oh the relief to have a website! A friend contacted Boray Designs on our behalf and asked for help. The response was phenomenal. Boray designed a website which exceeded our expectations and has improved our business no end. I recommend you to contact Boray Designs if you need help. You will not regret it.

    Amanda Mills
    - Pembrokeshire Foot Clinic, Wales -

  • Boray designs has helped me from our first conversation. I could not afford to pay the prices quoted to me from various web design outfits across the UK. One week after contacting Boray Designs I had a fully working website for my innovation network. I make changes, pass them to Boray and the changes are made to the website. Nothing for me to do except produce new content - Excellent. (for me). I would recommend Boray Designs to any small medium enterprise or business.

    Andy Trice
    - London , UK-

  • Boray designed our website and for the past two years has maintained it. Any problems have always been quickly resolved by Boray. Our website design has been changed twice during this time, primarily to redesign our website for use on mobiles phones and tablets. Boray Designs meet all of our website needs. We are a very happy and satisfied customer.

    John Reynolds
    - Intelligent Security & Fire Ltd., MIddlesex , UK-

  • Excellent. Thank you for making my website with such ease. So far only positive comments to the homepage.

    Steve Hansen
    - Hansen Water, Odense, Denmark -

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