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You have a great idea but you do not know what to do next. A read through our website at A Better Mousetrap will certainly help you clarify the next steps. The picture below outlines the first 9 steps that an inventor must work through, with the final (10th) step providing guidelines for dealing with companies. This is all good for the inventor in order to evaluate, protect, develop and profit from their ideas. However, on a wider scale, could these stages be supported by governments on a national level?

There are a myriad of organisations and organisational approaches in different countries that act to support innovation and inventors, although such organisation approaches may well be difficult for inventors to engage with directly or to actually receive the specific help that they require in a timely fashion.

I propose the development of a new system to aid inventors and the innovation process in general, which could include the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Application by inventors through a government (funded) website;

Step 2: Assigning 'professional experts ('mentors'), supported by governmental funding, to each stage (represented by projects in the diagram above) of the inventors application;

Step 3: The inventor provides all information requested for a particular stage of the process, as detailed on the government (funded) website;

Step 4: In agreement and to the satisfaction of the stage 'mentor, the inventor can progress from forward to the next stage.

This approach would have the advantage of a) directly supporting the inventor in a timely and cost-effective way, b) providing support only for innovations that have significant commercial potential, and c) linking the process directly to potential investors.

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