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A Fan of Radio

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While I work I usually listen to music. I trawl though YouTube and find something or I put on iTunes. Sometimes I find myself spending more time searching for music than working.

Now I have always liked radio. When I was a child I used to listen to radio luxembourg on the lowest volume whilst lying in bed. Of course at the age of 10, I thought the music was coming from Luxembourg, which always puzzled me as to how and more importantly, why?

Many years later and I discovered TuneIn. Instead of browsing around on YouTube, I started to listen to the independent stations on TuneIn and, amazingly, I was able to work without distraction. My only problem now was that I kept forgetting which stations I was listening to.

I recently decided to build a website that provides a range of independent music radio stations from TuneIn, separated into specific genres. I included at least 6 radio stations for each genre. Why stop there I thought! I added, where possible, for each genre, upcoming music events in the US and the UK through Ticketmaster. I then thought that it might be useful to complement each genre, where possible, with the latest news from around the world.

Now you can simply listen to any radio station while you check out the latest music news. Of course I try not to read too much news and concentrate on working, which is .......difficult.

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